We can repair any desktop or laptop computer problem, no matter which operating system, brand, make, or model. The expert technicians here can help your company or your family with your entire computer repair or service needs for PC’s, Macs, and laptops including:

Desktop / Laptop Repair
New screens, chip re-soldering, power supply connection replacement, backlight replacement, new inverter, replacement keyboard, we have done it all.
Virus Removal
We’ve fixed hundereds of computers infected with Malware, Trojans, Rogue Anti-virus software and other nasties. It’s become increasingly easy to become infected from sites such as Facebook and via emails from friends. We also do adware removal , spyware removal.
Slow Running Computer Fixed
With a few tools we can remove all the unwanted programs (or viruses) that are running in the background and slowing up your machine. We can show you the tricks and install the free software you need to keep it running lightning fast.
Computer Set-Up (desktop/laptop)
If you’ve recently purchased a new PC or laptop and are unsure how to get the most from it we can take you through all the functions you may not know about so you can get what you need from your PC. We believe this is always best done in your home.
Internet Security
There are many reasons for poor internet speed or loss of connectivity. We can look at your ISP performance, network and firewall set-up to ensure you get a reliable, safe and fast connection.
Networking Set Up
We can set up or to find out what hardware and cables you need and help you set up the networking.
Luckily, the right hardware upgrades can significantly improve your computer’s performance. Make your older computer faster now.
Wireless LAN Setup
If you need to set up a new secure network we can get it done quickly and right. We can set up a new network for you or walk you through all the stages and options.
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
These applications are essential for many professionals but can also be a headache. If you are struggling to achieve what you want we can get you back on track in no time.
Printer Issues
If your printer has died or is on it’s way out give us a call. It maybe easily repairable or it might be something as simple as a software upgrade.
Business Services
We support small and large businesses.

Let us know your requirement and we can serve you better.